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7 Things To Know About Grow Outside Cannabis.

For those of us who have never heard the phrase “grow outside cannabis” before, it’s a term typically used by marijuana growers to refer to growing plants outdoors. By planting marijuana outdoors and growing it from seed. These growers can cultivate their plants without worrying about indoor grow-room conditions, such as humidity or temperature control.

Many outdoor growers also prefer this type of cultivation because they can plant their crops anywhere with sunlight. Especially if they live in more temperate areas where seasons like winter offer natural protection against frost and cold weather. Additionally, outdoor growers who live in typically warmer places will often take advantage of the heat from the sun to help them grow more potent plants. Growing marijuana outdoors can be a glorious experience for several reasons, but doing so does come with risks. 

Here are some essential things to know about increasing outside cannabis:

1.) Outdoor Growers Can Take Advantage Of Natural Protection Against The Elements, But There Are Risks Involved

One of the most significant benefits of growing outdoors is that you don’t have to worry about indoor conditions like humidity or temperature because the plants are still exposed to natural elements. This means you won’t have to invest in heavy-duty air conditioning or heating systems that may cost more than indoor grow room setups. However, it also means that you’re at risk of dealing with natural elements like rain, snow, wind, and other conditions that could damage or destroy your plants. You will also have to consider whether or not your plants will be protected from bugs and pests that may want to feast on your marijuana buds.

2.) The Weed That You Can Grow Outside Will Often Be Stronger & More Pungent

When you grow outside cannabis, the plants typically have robust flavours because they’re exposed to more sunlight than they would if they were inside a grow room. This is good news because the more sunlight your marijuana plants get. The more THC content it typically has in its buds. This is also good news for anyone who likes the smell of marijuana because plants grown outside usually produce a much more intense aroma.

3.) Outdoor Growers Need To Remember That The Climate Can Affect Their Yields

Plants grown outdoors typically don’t consistently produce the same yields as indoors. This is because the climate can significantly impact how well and how quickly your plants grow outside. For example, if something called “flowering time” occurs and your plants begin to blossom during the winter or another time when it’s not warm out. Your plants may stop growing or stunt in size. These factors mean that the plants won’t give you the same yields or Bud quality that you would see if you were growing indoors.

4.) The Container You Use For Your Outdoor Grow Can Aggravate Your Plants

Many people consider using containers to grow outdoors to be a bit counterproductive because they don’t have any control over their indoor conditions. Because of this, they opt to unwind in empty plastic soda bottles used for non-alcoholic drinks such as soda and juice. While this is one of the cheapest ways to grow marijuana. It can often lead your marijuana plants to attract bugs and pests like mites and spider mites. This is because plastic bottles can retain moisture and heat, attracting bugs to your plants. It’s also important to note that plastic containers are not biodegradable and may emit toxins harmful to your plants.

5.) The Amount Of Sunlight That Your Plants Receive Can Have A Huge Impact On Yields & The Taste Of Your Weed

Another major factor that can affect the number of yields you get when grow outside is the amount of sunlight your plants get. This is because it’s nearly impossible to tell what exposure a specific plant will get. If you place your plants close to the sun, they’ll receive more sunlight and produce stronger THC content in their buds. However, if you place your plants further away from the sun, they’ll have less sunlight exposure and may not produce as much bud content in their flowers. This means that you’ll need to place your plants somewhere in the middle of the equation to ensure that you get the most yield for your chosen growing conditions.

6.) Indoor Grow Rooms Have A Lot Of Benefits To Grow Outdoors

While there are a lot of benefits to growing marijuana outdoors, there are a lot of cons too. For example, if you live in an area with cold temperatures, it could be more challenging for your plants to grow because they’ll have less sunlight. Additionally, many people prefer to grow indoors because they can take advantage of indoor grow room conditions like humidity and temperature control. This means that growing indoors can be a better option than growing outside.

7.) While Growing Outdoors Has Its Drawbacks, It Can Be Satisfying For The Right Individual

Many things make growing outdoors so attractive, like growing weed anywhere, but it’s important to note the drawbacks too. As you can see, many people prefer to grow indoors because it’s more convenient. However, suppose you live somewhere where the climate is always warm, or snow and rain don’t often happen (like Hawaii or Southern California). In that case, grow outside can be an excellent way to grow marijuana. If this sounds good to you, consider participating in this form of outdoor cultivation. If you do, you’ll find that growing marijuana can be a great hobby. It’s a lot more enjoyable than the alternative.


Hopefully, you now have a much better idea of what it takes to grow marijuana outside. Growing outdoors will likely result in higher yields and stronger aromas if you’re in a place where you have the necessary conditions. However, if this is not the case for you, indoor growing is probably a better option since it’s typically easier to control. If you choose to grow indoors, remember that getting your hands on an indoor grow tent will usually cost more than buying your own grow room for free and building it yourself.

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