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Everything You Need To Know About Growing License In Michigan.

A growing license in Michigan is an annual permit required by the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. It is necessary for any marijuana grower to legally cultivate cannabis plants and sell them to other dispensaries in the country. This plant can also be grown for research purposes.

Thirty-six thousand people have a growing license in Michigan today, but this does not always guarantee they have a right to sell cannabis products. The goal of the law is mainly for people who want to grow their pot under specific guidelines set by authorities. The law was introduced by Governor Rick Snyder back in April 2018 after a medical marijuana ballot was passed earlier the same year.

What Is The Application Process For A Growing License In Michigan?

Michigan residents who want a growing license must apply for it. They can do so in two ways: by creating an account on the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) website or through a paper application. If people choose the paper method, they must mail or hand-carry their application to the address listed. The deadline for submitting this application is the end of August.

The online method is much easier. If a person does this, they must create a new account on the LARA site, fill out some personal information, and pay the initial fee of $100 by using a debit or credit card. After that, applicants must complete their application online and submit it within a time limit. Michigan will start accepting these applications in late July 2018.

Who Can Apply For A Growing License In Michigan?

To get a growing license in Michigan, applicants must be United States citizens and at least 21 years old. Individuals convicted of a drug felony are not eligible for this license. The state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) will decide if an applicant has the necessary experience to grow recreational pot. All other people who want a growing license in Michigan can also apply online. This includes non-residents, people who do not live in Michigan, and those who have had their growing license denied back in the past. The only person who cannot apply for a growing license is someone convicted of a drug felony in the past.

After receiving the application, the LARA will check its accuracy and completeness. The results of this process will determine whether or not an applicant will be granted a license to grow cannabis plants. If mistakes are found, the agency will send out a notice so that they can be corrected.

How Much Does A Growing License In Michigan Cost?

Michigan residents’ growing licenses cost $100 for those who apply online. There is no fee for people who submit applications via paper mail or in person. Non-residents and those who have applied for a growing license must pay $200 as a nonrefundable application fee. The state has not yet decided how much an ever-increasing license will cost when recreational marijuana is legalized.

What Is The Process For Renewing A Growing License In Michigan?

People who want to renew their growing license in Michigan can do so online. This is a much easier process than applying for one for the first time since people need to keep doing it. Going back to an existing account if someone has already used it is unnecessary.

When applying, people will be asked questions about their experience growing marijuana in the past. They will also have to provide proof of identification and evidence that they are United States citizens or permanent residents of Michigan. After submitting their application, people will receive a “confirmation notice. It will not be sent by mail but instead electronically.


Michigan’s already popular medical marijuana program has also expanded to offer a recreational grow license. Anyone who wants to get one must meet the state’s requirements, including being 21 years or older, being a legal resident of Michigan, and being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the state. The application process for acquiring a growing license in Michigan is relatively straightforward but comes with a challenging answer. State regulators have yet to decide what people will be able to charge for their products once recreational marijuana is legalized in the state.

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