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My name is Keanu Reeves and I am a lifelong cannabis user. I’ve smoked weed since I was a kid, and I’ve since tried a number of different strains. Cannabis has opened my eyes to many things, and I’ve been able to explore so many new things.

Well, the thing is, Keanu Reeves is not really the kind of person who is great at exploring new things. That could be a good thing or bad thing, but I think his inability to explore is part of the reason why he is a huge success as an actor. The rest of his life is basically filled with bad acting choices, not good ones, though.

Keanu Reeves is definitely on that list of bad acting choices. His acting choices are many, and you could argue that if he weren’t so successful at acting he wouldn’t be either. But I think it is part of why he is so successful. His acting is really good. There are a few actors I think have really good acting skills, but Keanu Reeves is a huge step above them.

I don’t think he’s a bad actor. He just has a few bad ones. He has a bit of an acting style, but he doesn’t act like he did 10 years ago. He lets the character do the acting instead of the character, which some actors do. He also does not do many scenes where he makes a scene look good.

I think that Reeves’ acting is his greatest talent. That and his charisma. I think he is the most likable actor in Hollywood. He has a great amount of charisma and a great amount of charisma to go with his acting. Also, I think he is very talented. His acting ability is just the icing on the cake.

Reeves is a very talented actor, and it shows in the way he handles himself in his acting, especially in this film. He’s not exactly the most comfortable in front of the camera, but he makes up for it with his acting.

The way I see it, if you are a serious person and have a positive attitude, you are one of the few who will give you a thumbs down, but that does not mean that you should be a jerk to anyone who says that you are one of the only people who will give you a thumbs down.

The way Reeves handles himself in this film is very similar to how he handles himself on set. Though he is more comfortable on set, he still keeps a very professional and professional manner with the audience. He treats the audience with respect and does not seem to treat them any differently than a regular person.

Reeves is one of the few actors that you would imagine that would be very comfortable on set because you would think that his work would be a bit more polished. In reality, his work has more of the rough edges that he has come to expect from his role in the film. To me, that comes across as more than a little bit rude and annoying (though I suppose that could be what you are going for in a movie like this).

I get that Keanu Reeves has become a bit of a “taboo” character in the last several years. There are still shows that call to him to be a character actor, but it’s usually just for a few scenes that he’s needed to play a part in.

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