The Reasons to Use PDF files over Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents

The PDF format is one of the most widely used formats of files used today. It’s not just utilized in the medical, legal and real estate sectors and real estate, but it is also being utilized by schools and small companies, colleges and even at your home. It gained popularity in the year 2008 when Adobe made it an open standard. This has led to widespread adoption of the file-format across all.

When we developed PDF Expert Our aim was to allow users to make more use of the widely used PDF document format for example, making it simple for you to. The PDF file format offers many amazing advantages over other popular formats like Word and Powerpoint documents. The following are the reasons why you should choose PDFs over other formats:


The PDF format is portable and is evident in its name. It means it is possible to transfer or move files without worrying about dependencies. Have you ever tried opening the Word Doc, only to get a warning that says there are missing fonts within the document? What would you react to an Powerpoint presentation with no images? You’ve been through it aren’t we? With PDFs, there’s no need to be concerned about this. After a PDF file is made, it is quickly shared with anyone and the images, fonts tables, and formatting within it will be transferred to it.

Universal Compatibility

As PDF files was made the open standard of 2008, PDF has enjoyed widespread support across a variety of applications today. The majority of modern browsers are adept at opening and showing PDF files. Additionally, the majority of modern operating systems include simple apps that can open PDF files easily. The PDF file that you have opened can be used with Windows, Mac, or Linux and display the same. PDF Expert isn’t only the most effective PDF Editor available for Mac but also is a great application to access the and read pdf to jpg documents in.


The PDF file format is secure. If you create a pdf file that contains any type of data , including images, paragraphs, graphics tablets and so on. The format will display the data in exactly the same manner regardless of the device you’re viewing it. PDFs are a trusted format to export documents you would like to share with other people or make public, ensuring that the information you intend to share is presented exactly the same manner as it was designed to.

The ease of Creation

One of the main factors behind the widespread use of PDF formats today is the ease of making. Most applications permit you to save your current file as a PDFfile, permitting users to share, copy or move the PDF file to any location easily. If you’re working with Microsoft’s Word, Excel or Powerpoint applications, you can save documents to PDF on Mac and then read them using PDF Expert.


It’s easy to protect the PDF file by using an encryption key, to ensure that the content in the file are able to be shielded from view by any person who isn’t legally authorized to view the file. When a PDF file is secured with a password, it will only be opened if you have the proper password. When you know how to protect passwords on the PDF file, you are able to easily share them or transfer them via messages or email apps. PDF Expert on Mac lets you transfer a PDF document directly via the Export dialog box. What’s more? You can also erase the password from a PDF document should you choose, as long as you can remember the original password.

File Size Reduction

It is a format that permits you to reduce the size of a document by reducing the quality of it. If you’re working on PDF files that are particularly large and has lots of graphs and images within it, you may encounter difficulties sharing the file using messages or email because most apps have a limit on the size of files. In these situations you could reduce Quality of the PDF file, and reduce the size of the file. This is especially helpful as students when you’ve been working on your school assignment for a while and aren’t able to receive feedback on your work from colleagues because you’re not able to give it away because of its size. Once you know the process of compressing an PDF file using the appropriate quality using PDF Expert for Mac, you’ll be able to transfer the file to anyone.

Version Independence

Have you ever received an .docx or .pptx file from someoneelse, but then realized that it’s not compatible the software that’s installed on your PC because of a difference in version? The PDF format will not be a cause for concern about these issues. Since it’s all-purpose, it are able to play any PDF file using any PDF reader that works on Mac. You can also combine or merge PDF files easily without having to think about their versions numbers or other characteristics.

Comprehensive Feedback

It is a PDF format that can be used to make annotations. It is possible to get extremely detailed feedback from colleagues at work or colleagues on your work simply by sharing pdf files. Utilizing PDF Expert for Mac, it’s incredibly simple for you to mark text in a way, make notes, draw, or scribble on the content, or even draw the shape of arrows or other motifs to an PDF file with an Annotation feature. Take a look and try it with an trial for free seven-day trial waiting for you to try it out.


The PDF format is a highly practical format. It is the thing you can use to use it for. It can be used for vectors, images, graphics as well as text documents lengthy annual reports, college assignments spreadsheets, presentations and more. The PDF file format accepts every kind of media with the same care and respect.

There are many other reasons that make PDF way ahead of other formats. When working with PDFs you have total assurance of your security. Since computers were made to simplify things for you, and not cause you to suffer, right?


The format of PDF files also has a professional appeal. Think of all the times you’ve needed to file an account, or submit your resume or received legal agreement documents from someone else as well as downloaded an invoice via an online company. It’s likely that these documents have been done in PDF format. This is in large part due to the many reasons that we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs, which is why it appears as an expert tool like Soda PDF when used.

Therefore, you should take on PDFs. They’re among the most flexible features-rich, universal, and versatile formats currently in use and with great programs such as PDF Expert for Mac by your side and you’ll be much more efficient and productive.

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