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what is the difference between stress and strain

Stress and strain are two different concepts. Strain is when we feel a certain way and we have an idea that we can measure how it affects us. Stress is our body’s natural response to something new and we often feel it because something is in our mind that is causing us to feel that way.

Strain has a very specific definition that goes something like this. It’s when we feel like we are constantly challenged by something. We feel that way when we are tired, bored, or bored with a routine. Strain is what most people experience when they have to deal with something new and we need to learn how to deal with it better. Stress is a very specific type of strain.

It’s not a hard call. We’re a little sensitive, but we do feel like we’re constantly pushing ourselves to get back into our routine. It’s not a hard call at all. We can’t just walk out of our house without a fight and we’re tired, but we can still get back in the house. We have to learn how to deal with stress more effectively.

I don’t think we can always get back in the house without a fight, but we can still leave our house. We can still go to work, but we can’t go to work without a fight. We can’t play video games, but we can still play video games. We can’t play video games without a fight. We can’t surf the internet, but we can still surf the internet. We can’t use the internet without a fight.

Stress and strain, I think, are really two different things, but I don’t think they’re so different I’m starting to think they’re the same thing. I think you’re either stressed out or you’re not. I think that, like the old saying goes, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs”. Strain is when you’re tired but you’re still hungry. You’re not hungry but you’re tired.

I think the difference is that stress is a state of mind, and strain is a physical state of being. The way we use words like “stress” and “strain” is somewhat misleading, because they’re both actions, but because stress is a physical state of being, it’s more of a mental state than a physical state.

Stress is a reaction to stressors. If you are stressed, you are stressed. And if you are tense, you’re tense. Strain is a state of being and as such, can be physical or mental.

When I think of a person who is under stress, I think of a person who is tense, or who is tired or hungry. These are not just states of mind. The person who is stressed has a physical state of being, and the person who is tired has a mental state of being. The person who is hungry is hungry, the person who is stressed is stressed.

How can most of us do well with stress? It’s hard to say with much certainty. But if we try to think of stressors as a state of being, we’re likely to get really bad. But if we think about stress as a state of mind, we’re likely to get pretty good at it.

Stress is the act of trying to get to the bottom of something. It’s the act of making some bad decisions that you will have to make later on to make a good decision. Stress is not the end-all-be-all. It’s where you will get more from your body than you ever thought possible. Stress is a state of mind that is in itself a state of mind.

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