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why is extremely intensive farming practiced in japan?

To reduce the use of human labor. By making small, more efficient farms, farmers can increase production and ultimately reduce the number of laborers.

The main reason why farmers use the technology to farm is that the only way to reduce the use of labor is to use it for profit, which is so inefficient that farmers will not be able to make their own crops. The result is that the most productive farmer will never have enough crop to grow the crops that will be used for the next crop.

The farmers are so efficient that they’ll have no motivation to use the technology. The technology is inefficient because it makes it difficult for the farmer to sell their finished goods. It makes it difficult for the farmer to get the crops they grow more profitable. The result is that the farmer will sell the goods and then keep them until the next crop is ready.

This is a problem for the tech companies who have to keep producing because they’re trying to make a profit.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see a farmer sell their crop for a profit. The reason is because I think the farmer’s job is extremely stressful. They need a way to sell their crops to the highest bidder. Selling is a constant process, which is a lot of pressure. They don’t earn a living doing this. They work hard and get paid a lot of money, but it’s actually stressful to do that.

Actually, the stress is a good thing. Farming is a way to get a steady income without having to worry about your family, paying the bills, or eating. Farming is the best way to make money, so it’s good that farmers are stressed out. But as a farmer, you can’t just sell your crop and walk away from it. You have to pay rent, water, and other costs. It’s a lot of work.

Many farmers are extremely stressed to make a living. Some are so stressed that they end up going insane.

I could be wrong though. I’ve never seen farmers suffer any stress in this life. I know, like, they’re just the opposite of what they look like. But with farming, you can put away all your life’s necessities and put in lots of stress, like, you’d wanna do that for a living. But you can’t just throw everything away and have no life. Instead, you have to put it all in order, and you have to try to live on it.

Farming is a great way to put a lot of your stress into order. It can also be pretty taxing on your body, and I think the reason it’s a bad choice is because it also takes away from your mental health. Farming is a great way to give yourself a stress-free life and the ability to just live life on top of a stressful life.

Farming is one of those things that seems to have everyone in japan talking about it. And it’s not just the farmers. The same is true for those who grow herbs, fish, and vegetables. The only thing preventing us from living like that is the people who are doing it.


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